Collaboration Giant Asus and Microsoft – Microsoft strikes a deal with Asus

Collaboration Giant Asus and Microsoft, One of the giant computer component manufacturers from Taiwan, Asus made a breakthrough by collaborating with Microsoft at the end of this year. the launch event of Asus and Microsoft cooperation is titled Year End Notebook Gathering with Microsoft.

Microsoft strikes a deal with Asus, All Asus products from now on will include the Windows 10 platform in it. In Windows 10 there is also Windows Defender, the destroyer of malware, spyware and other viruses.In the Year End Notebook Gathering with Microsoft, there were also Youtuber and influencers such as Eka Gustiwana, Chandra Liauw and Janine Intansari who shared their experiences as Asus users.

“I’ve been using Asus ROG for the past seven years and mostly I use to play games,” Chandra Liauw explained.

In addition to Chandra, Janine admitted that he has spent years using Asus for his purposes in graphic design affairs.

“Although I’m new to using Asus compared to Chandra and Janine, but my life is dead on this laptop,” said Eka Gustiwana showed his flagship Asus ZenBook UX410 laptop.

In addition to Youtubers, Rex Lee, General Manager of Systems Business Group of ASUS Asia Pacific, Vlasta Berka, General Manager of Microsoft Asia Pacific Device Sales, Benjamin Yeh, Regional Director of ASUS South East Asia, Muhammad Firman, Head of PR and E-marketing System BG and Imam Alka, Sr. Trainer & Community Manager Microsoft Indonesia.

we hope the Collaboration Giant Asus and Microsoft is increasingly making security and the performance of a laptop or computer, ASUS products have won 4,256 international awards and praise in 2013, worth more than 11 awards per day.

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