6 Ways to Solve and Fix your iPhone Drop Batteries

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For many users of mobile devices, one of the most annoying conditions often faced is the extravagant smartphone battery. IPhone battery gets older then its ability will decrease. This is a natural thing. But what if the iPhone is being used reasonably to experience the battery drop and run out unnaturally?

Before deciding whether the battery is damaged or not, you can try to fix this dropped iPhone battery in several easy ways. Could be this is only a mild problem that can easily be overcome. Solve minor problems associated with software and battery usage you can do yourself without the need of help from others. This is very useful before deciding to replace the dropping iPhone battery.

IPhone Battery Calibration

You can see the iPhone battery drop by looking at the percentage indicator of the battery. But are you sure of the percentage that appears on the iPhone’s iPhone screen? Could be the battery is actually still 50% but that appears on the screen is 20% ?. This is the point of doing battery calibration. The calibration process will help the iOS software to be able to read the actual battery percentage. Indirectly, it can overcome the iPhone battery drop.

Do not Use iOS Beta

One of the reasons why the iPhone runs out of batteries is because of the iOS beta installed in it. The operating system is still Beta is still not stable and the risk of making the iPhone hot and battery wasteful.

If you do not have a specific purpose like testing your application on the latest iOS or do not have another iPhone for everyday life, you should not first install the Beta version. Just install a clear, more stable public version.

Reset iPhone

If you are a public version of iOS users but still experience the iPhone battery that dropped and quickly run out, maybe you can try to reset iPhone. By resetting iOS, iPhone will return like new. Before you reset your iPhone, make sure you backup the data first so that no data is lost.

Restore iPhone

If iPhone reset does not work, you can try to restore iPhone. Just like the reset, after the restore process then the iPhone will again be like new again

The difference is the process of restore iOS requires the process of downloading and installing new iOS from Apple server through iTunes software. Make sure you provide internet connection and also backup data first before restore.

Turn off iPhone overnight

This may sound strange, but it does not hurt to do so. The trick is to turn off your iPhone overnight. Turning off the iPhone overnight can rest your iPhone battery cells.

But when turning off the battery overnight, make sure also the battery is not in a weak condition. The minimum of iPhone batteries should be around half aka 50%, because the dropped battery might just run out even though the iPhone is turned off.

IPhone Battery Damage?

If the iPhone battery problem that drop is still not resolved after you do all the tips and tutorials above, then the possibility of iPhone battery is already damaged and must be replaced.

Apple software updates often include state-of-the-art energy saving technologies, so make sure your device uses the latest iOS, macOS, or watchOS version. and read more why Your iPhone Suddenly Turn Off When It is Low On Battery?

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